The Difference

The only tanning system developed by a cosmetic dermatologist, Epione Safe Tan Rx is developed to mimic a natural sun-kissed tan without the dangers of the tanning bed and Sun exposure or the odor and the orange color of the fake tans.

The Difference

How to Get Healthy Sun-Kissed Skin Without Harmful UV Rays

What is the difference between spray tanning, tanning beds and the sun?

That would be the skin-damaging, cancer causing UV rays, and premature aging of the skin from both the sun and tanning beds. However, spray tanning provides the same result that lying out in the hot sun for hours can produce, even when it’s raining outside. Why take all those risks when there is a safe, effective way of getting a beautiful, golden tan without all the dangers, not to mention the added confidence you experience when your skin is radiantly glowing.

After ten years of laboratory and extensive clinical research, Epione Safe Tan Rx tanning system was developed by cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills. Epione Safe Tan Rx is made especially to naturally enrich the skin tone; this chemical and paraben-free miracle is a one-step airbrush process that produces a rich, bronze glow. Leaving the skin radiantly tanned, this clinically tested all-natural solution dries in less than a minute, without the odor and stickiness that is often associated with less effective foams and creams.

Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Epione Safe Tan Rx:

  1. Created by a medical doctor: The Epione TanRx tanning system was developed by Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian over the course of ten years of laboratory and clinical research.
  2. Odorless: There is no smell associated with Epione TanRx.
  3. No orange color: Never again will you experience orange or yellow hands, elbows and knees or the cracked, brown effects of other products. Epione Epione TanRx takes the guesswork out of over- or under-applying.
  4. Long-lasting: Epione TanRx will last up to two weeks.
  5. Non-streaking: No streaking or blotching; you will have a uniform, bronze glow.
  6. Dries instantly: When we finish spraying you’re done. No need to wait to put your clothes on; you’re immediately ready to enjoy your new tan.
  7. Artistic Airbrush: Epione TanRx provides a delicious mist of perfection, working in tandem with your own, unique skin tone.
  8. Safe for all skin types: Although spray tanning is effective and safe for all, it is recommended that when out in the sun always wear a sun screening product for extra protection from harmful UV rays.
  9. No-animal testing: Volunteer testing was conducted on employees, along with actors and models. No prodding was needed as Epione TanRx is all-natural and safe.
  10. Ingredients: Epione TanRx solution is completely natural, made with walnuts, anti-oxidants, food colorings, and the purest of botanicals.

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